Nice to meet you!   


I'm Brooke! A wedding-obsessed photographer, coffee enthusiast, and chocolate addict. I have a huge love for Photography, Film, and  Traveling. You can usually find me on a photography/production shoot or taking a walk in nature.  I am also in love with the show FRIENDS & Game Of Thrones! We can chat all day about those two shows! 


I am originally from Northern California where I grew up, married the love of my life and began my amazing career in photography.  By Faith, my husband and I ventured out to Southern California for our careers in film and photography. Here we are today, enjoying the beautiful city, meeting wonderful people and making life great! 





 How long have I been photographing weddings you ask?


I  got my start in the wedding business five years ago as a videographer. It wasn't too long after that, that I began taking stills. Let's just say my life has never been the same. I am forever grateful for my job and love what I do. From the moment I first meet my clients to the "I Do's" I love it all! 



My Approach to Photography

 I love shooting lifestyle photography and capturing those candid moments. I absolutely adore shooting Weddings, Engagements & Family Portraits. There is something special to me about my clients and their genuine emotions. Times like these make me excited to have a camera in my hand documenting those special moments. 








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Hi I'm Kelly!


I am a photographer from Los Angeles who loves photographing weddings and couples madly in love. I am all about capturing real moments. Big moments like your first kiss, to small moments like when your lover squeezes your hand. My favorite part of the wedding day is when the couple walks hand in hand down the aisle after being announced as husband and wife. That joy is something that will never get old! 


When I don't have a camera in my hand you can catch me binging Netflix, getting lost in Target, and getting ready to my next adventure!

Looking forward to working with you and creating memories for you to look back on for generations to come! 


Instagram: @kellyh_photo

Hey there! I'm More!


I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer who floods images with dazzling, natural light and pretty much lives for brilliant colors. Using my documentary style, I fill galleries with moments of genuine emotions. I photograph weddings the way I’d photograph my own. 


When I’m not making magic with clients you can probably find me jamming to a Disney movie soundtrack (because, yes, I own and know the words to basically every single one) or watching reruns of Parks and Rec (because, yes, I am basically the Leslie Knope of photography)

Looking forward to be apart of your special day! 

Instagram: @morebeatty

We Can't Wait To Work With You!