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L O V E  N O T E S 

Austin & Brittany

I cannot express how grateful I am to have found Brooke as my wedding photographer. She was one of the very first vendors I booked, almost 2 years before my wedding date, and was instrumental and helping me bring my vision to life. She understood that I was on a budget was unwilling to settle so she recommended vendors, helped create my timelines, and checked in regularly to see if I needed anything.
On the day of, Brooke was poised, professional, and extremely focused on capturing the day I had spent so many months planning. She ensures that all details are captured, all requests shoots are taken, and is even half way in the bushes to make it happen. When I received the photos I was over the moon. Her ability to capture the hard work and love that went into that day is uncanny. The photos are stunning and my friends and family are in awe.
Brooke's love for her clients doesn't stop after she sends you your photos. She is currently taking the time to help me pick the best option for my wedding album and still checks in from time to time so see how married life is treating me.
I highly recommend Brooke's services to anyone and everyone looking for a photographer who truly cares. She takes the time to get to know you and even sends a thoughtful and customized "thank you for booking with me" gift. She is extremely talented and above all else, is such an amazing person.

Lance & Mallory

I wanted a photographer that didn't just take posed pictures but really captured candid moments. A friend of mine had gotten married and posted a few of her wedding photos on Instagram and I loved them! I reached out to her for her photographer's information and it wasn't long before I was emailing Brooke asking her to do our engagement/wedding photos. She was absolutely amazing! She made everything so incredibly easy. There are so many little things that you don't think about, like outfit choices for your engagement photos or your wedding timeline working around certain times of the day, but she was on top of all of them and made it so that there was no stress about it! We get complimented on our engagement/wedding photos from everyone that sees them and I couldn't be happier with them (my house is proof of that, there are wedding pictures everywhere!) I can't thank Brooke enough for her time and amazing/artistic eye, we had a blast working with her and have amazing photos to look back on. My husband and I know where to go anytime we have important events we need captured.

Josh & Maria 

Brooke is a fantastic photographer! She gave us a priceless gift of documenting our wedding day so beautifully. She is so organized and remembered every single pose I was hoping to have. She's created and quick on her feet. She has a calm and peaceful aura, which is very good on a day like that! Her price/quality is something you can't find anywhere else. Over 2 years later, I still go through our pictures and marvel at them. I'm so grateful! She goes above and beyond, and you won't be disappointed!

Miranda & Brandin

Brooke is an amazing photographer with such a bubbly personality. She knows how to make you comfortable in front of the camera in a matter of seconds!
My family has worked with her a couple of times. The first session was with my two German Shepherds who absolutely hated being in front of the camera. The second was for a gender reveal that didn't work out as planned. Even though both sessions had a few difficulties, she was able to work around them and produce excellent photos!
I highly recommend hiring Brooke to be your photographer. I know my family will hire her again!

Michael & Katie

I absolutely loved having Brooke as my photographer for our engagement session! She is professional, knowledgable and has a delightful personality. Her bubbly attitude helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera immediately. When I received my pictures from our photo shoot I was blown away! Her ability to highlight my fiancé and my relationship in a photograph was remarkable. If asked she will help you think of fun props and outfits that will put a special touch to your pictures. Her use of photo shop and editing skills really sets her apart from many other photographers. Brooke was fantastic to work with and I am so excited to book her again!!

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