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Huntington, Newport & Laguna Beach

A few weeks ago my parents, husband and I drove down the coast to explore a few places my husband and I havnt been before. We were not disapointed. Ever since we moved here I have been planning to drive down the coast and view the beaches. Our first stop was Huntington Beach.

We arrived, scoped out the location and spotted a place to eat called Jacks . Jacks has food, bike rentals, surfboards, anything you think of that you can do at the beach...they have! Also, must try thier chili cheese fries, very good! We then rented a 4 person bike and well looked like a tourists :) lol. It was fun riding the bike as all four us trying to pedal as fast as we can to gain a little speed to get the bike going down the bike path. We rode it for a good two miles, stoped and headed back. That was definatly an experience! Next stop Newport beach.

Well, we thought we were going to the beach but we ended up on the Balboa Peninsula. A peninsula with a beautiful harbor on oneside and the stunning newport beach on the other side. It is truly a place that you must visit if you havn't. Very beautiful.

Our next and final stop was Laguna Beach. I was really excited to go to Laguna because I have always seen it in magazines, movies, galleries ... all over! So to finally go I was exctied. We arrived and walked the beach, it was PACKED! talk about a crowd....

We then decided to head up to the famous overlook of the beach which is Heisler Park. This park was stunning! The views from this overlook were spectacular. Here are a few photos of the walk we went on inside the park.

The trip to down the coast was a success! The views and the atmosphere of the lovely beaches we visited was memorable! My favorite location that we went to was Heisler Park, It was absoluely stunning! I cannot wait to see what the future holds for I am looking forward to do weddings, enagagments and portraits here. Until then, stay beautiful sunny southern California!

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