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Edgar + Shauna I Griffith Park Engagement Shoot

Edgar and Shauna's story starts in Laguna Beach just miles away from where they both grew up. With the coming together of mutual friends Edgar and Shauna were introduced to each other and hit it off immediately. Shauna was drawn to Edgars sincere and respectful nature and Edgar couldnt help but notice Shauna's warm and caring heart. The two new acqaintances spent the whole night chatting under the stars at a local hot spot called "Top of the World". That clear starry night changed Edgar and Shauna's life forever. After 5 years of being each others best friend, love and hearts desire Edgar decided to ask for Shauna's hand in marriage. After months and planning and playing the scenario over and over again Edgar awaited for the perfect opportunity. The opportunity had now come, on the Island of Maui, watching the sun set with her in his arms, he new that this was the perfect moment. All of the months organizing, planning and rehersing came down to this special embrace. Edgar dropped to one knee and asked Shauna for her hand in marriage. With friends there to witness tears of joy and laughter, Shauna said "Yes!" The newly engaged couple nestled close to each other and stood in the moment of pure joy and happieness.

I met Edgar and Shauna at Griffith Park in Los Angeles, Ca. It was a cloudy day with a peak of sunshine here and there. We ventured on our trail and up and away we went. The whole session was 3 hours long and took place along the trail starting from the bottom all the wat to the top. There was laughter, stories being told and friendships being made! I just went ahead and let Shauna and Edger be there selves and the camera loved it, every ounce of sheer joy, loving gazes and adorable sweet kisses on the nose. We reached the top in accomplishment of our pretty high climb. Our reward was a beautiful skyline of Los Angeles. It was definatly worth the climb. We finsihed the session as the sun went down behind the clouds. The shoot was a success and I had a lovely time getting to know Shauna and Edgar and their story as a couple.

Congratulations Edgar and Shauna! I had a blast getting to know you two on our engagment shoot. You two are both down to earth, sweet and funny! I am truly excited for you both and can't wait until your wedding day!

Until Then, enjoy your engagement! :)

Brooke Guiton


"The first thing I noticed about Shauna, besides the fact that she is absolutely gorgeous, was her absolute caring and sweet nature towards everybody. I knew from the moment I met her that she was a genuine person with an enormous heart" - Edgar

"The first thing I noticed about Edgar was how respectful he was. He made me feel so important, from the first moment I met him, and he still continues to treat me with that respect today. He truly cares about the way I feel about things, he listens to what I have to say, and he is my rock when things get rough." -Shauna

"I was absolutely blown away by how perfect she fit my idea of a perfect woman. I thought she was too good to be true" - Edgar

"He loves to tell me about how he can't wait to be with me for the rest of my life, and how he can't wait to marry me, buy a home together, have a family one day, and grow old together." -Shauna

"The more she spoke, the more I was attracted to her, and I knew I would never meet another woman like her. - Edgar"

"To this day I fall in love with her more and more each day, and I know that we were meant for one another. She completes me and makes me a better person in every way possible." -Edgar

"My soul loves his soul; absolutely adores it. I am so overjoyed, grateful, and lucky to marry him, and I thank God every day for bringing him to me." - Shauna FB: BrookEllen Photography IG:brookellenphotography.

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