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Jessica Poulin- Venice Beach, Ca

Her name is Jessica Poulin. She is from a small town in Florida called Homosassa but she was born in Maine. She currently resides here in the North Hollywood area of Southern California. She is a singer, actress and model who one day aspires to travel the world doing what she loves! Her inspirations range from Barbara Streisand to Christina Aguilera, to Carrie Underwood and to the late Whitney Houston...OH and can't forget Celine Dion...She has perfomred many times from singing in musicals, competitions and to the greatest platform of all, social media. We met Jessica on a sunny Sunday afternnon here in Los Angeles. Our shoot locations were various alleyways and the beach in Venice Ca. The shoot was about 2 and a half hours long, from 3 P.M to sunset. We were really lucky to have such wonderful weather that day! It was perfect!

"I think to be successful you have to believe in yourself, you have to believe that what you do is 100% worth chasing, worth picking up and moving away from everything you know and are comfortable with. " -Jessica

"I believe my strengths would be truly how strong I am, I've never been given anything, I didn't come from a wealthy family so anything I have I made for myself" -Jessica

"My weakness, well, that's something I don't think about, because you can do anything if you work hard for it." -Jessica

"Take a chance on yourself, never give up because dreams do come true." -Jessica

Jessica's most recent cover of Justin beibers song - "Love Yourself"

You can purchase it HERE on itunes

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Jessica's Socail Media


Instagram: jessica_poulin17

Facebook: Jessica Poulin

Snapchat: jessicapoulin

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