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Pismo Beach Real Estate - Beach Houses

My husband and I got the wonderful opportunity to venture down to Pismo Beach and take pictures of beautiful beach houses the last weekend in Feburary. When we were there we got to stay at one of the wonderful beach houses. It was absolutely beautiful!

Friday my husband and I had the day off of work so we drove down highway 1 and visited Malibu so I can scout a few locations. That was awesome! We ran into Owen Wilson and He did not want to take a picture. That was not awesome lol. We then walked back to our car and headed for pismo Beach. Along the way we stopped to get photos of awesome views, rocks and well anything unique. It was a great trip. We arrived in Pismo around 6:00 PM

The weekend was great. We worked all day Saturday and took pictures of 7 beach houses. Wow! It was a long day but we did it! It was great! Sunday we relaxed and headed back home for the work week ahead.

If you are ever in town and looking to stay on the beach rent with Guiton Rentals! The best in town!

Here are some photos of the beach houses that we took.

There are so many more photos that we took If you would like to to view more visit or view them in my portfolio for real estate! Again, If you are looking to stay in Pismo Beach I defineitly reccomend renting from Guiton Reality! They are the best!

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