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Say it ain't so!

WOW! My apologies for not blogging for almost two months! I have been so busy, planning a styled shoot, shooting a few weddings and going through a change even within my business. So here it goes, A few updates!

Update #1:

For those of you who don't know or don't follow on Facebook, I want to inform you that my new business name is Brooke Guiton Photography instead of BrookEllen Photography. After running into a few problems with the name being too similar with another photographers business name I decided to change it. I had my heart set on that name since I was a little girl but who knew there are so many other Brooke Ellen's out there!


For the last three months I have been planning a wonderful styled shoot. It took place on May 4th in Malibu at Dume Beach. It was absolutely stunning and everything came together well! Due to the fact that magazines have first rights to the photos, I will not be posting anything to make my chances of getting published even greater! I can't wait to share! They are absolutely stunning!

Update# 3

Well, not really an update but more like a proposal or a new goal. My new proposal is too plan and try too blog ATLEAST once every week. That is my new goal! So hopefully I can stick to it!

Lets see how this goes :)

Here are a few photos from the styled shoot!

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