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Jenny & Clint Laguna Beach Engagement

Clint & Jenny's engagement session was so sweet! When I talked to Jenny initially on the phone she was unsure of doing an engagement session. After I told her all the pro's for an engagement shoot she talked to her Fiance Clint and they both were on board. I was delighted with this opportunity to show her how much fun engagement shoots really are and at the same time get to know them and build a trusting relationship. This is so important to me because after all I will be stuck to my clients like glue when it comes wedding day.

Another awesome highlight in my shoots are when my couples are genuine and candid with each other. Halfway through the shoot, Clint & Jenny warmed up to the camera so much it was if I wasn't even there, and quite frankly, I love that so much! My number one rule for my clients is to be yourself. If your shy, be shy. If your bubbly and always have a smile on your face then wear that smile! Pictures turn out the best when the couples in front of the camera can be comfortable and feel no pressure as well as have fun with their partner. I am so excited to shoot their wedding come this fall in beautiful Malibu, Ca.

Until then, enjoy these beautiful images from their engagement shoot in Laguna Beach, Ca. IG: brookeguitonphotos FB: Brooke Guiton Photography

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