Day Dreamer Workshop In San Diego: Blog Post #1

Hi Readers!

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post so here it goes! :)

I got an awesome opportunity to venture down to San Diego in March to attend a work shop called California Dream'n by Samerica Studios. I had so much fun meeting so many lovely ladies and getting the share and talk about the love that we have for photography. Here are some of my favorite images taken throughout the day as well as locations!

Location 1: Boarder Field State Park, San Diego

Location #2: Jamul, Ca

Here we got to this location around 10 am. As photographers we know that is not the greatest time for photos. It is always wise to schedule your shoot either sunrise or close to sunset for softer even lighting. Here the sun was so high in the sky the lighting is harsh causing shadows and well its just hot! lol Still love how these turned out. <3

How cool is this?

Para- flyer comes zooming though are shoot!

Group Photo of everyone involved as well as the Photographers in the workshop.


Florals: Leah @bespokeoccasions Jewelry: Victoria Wedding dress: @thedresstheorysandiego Felt Crafty Gloriousness: Coco Makeup: Ariel @ariel.makeup_ Cake: Rachel @racheltucci1

Thank you for reading, stay tuned for more blog posts on the way!

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