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Enjoy Your Now

" Kiss your life, Just as it is today, Now. So that those moments of Happiness You're waiting for Don't Pass You By "

Ohhhhh how I have to tell myself this everyday! "To enjoy the moments of today before they pass me by." There are so many times I can compare myself to others or day dream where I want to be meanwhile overlooking all the good times, amazing opportunities, and blessings of the "Now" moments. So Cheers to where we are all at and where we want to be! One day we will be there but until then enjoy your NOW <3


Brooke Guiton

W E L CO M E  T O  

         M Y  B L O G


Welcome to my blog! This is

where I will sharing my gorgeous

weddings, engagements and portraits.

This is also where I will be writing

about subjects that matter the most to

me, my opinions and tips and tricks in photography. Make sure to

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With Love,

Brooke Guiton

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